We Design and Implement Blended Finance Structures for Local Infrastructure and Green Energy Projects in Emerging Markets.

At BFA, we understand that successful blended programs require a unique balance of economic, social, and financial interests in each country. Our goal is to help our clients create sustainable and impactful programs that benefit both investors and local communities.

BFA have successfully designed and implemented blended finance programs in the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and India. All blended finance programs were subject to an affordability assessment to reach an appropriate balance of public and privates sector funding in each program.

Many of these successes involved blended bond issues and aggregation of smaller-scale projects for financing.

BFA’s blended finance work in the Caribbean received Bloomberg’s Finance for Resilience Award.

BFA design work starts with stakeholder consultations including donors, governments, private sector investors, and intended beneficiaries. This work involves constant dialogue and reconciliation of all party interests. Based on our transaction experience, BFA can take a project from conception to implementation in a highly efficient and timely manner.

At each step in development, BFA reconciles the interests of all parties to reach a final program design that is practical, responsive to market conditions , reflect ive of stakeholders ’ input, and ready for implementation.

The BFA team brings extensive government and private sector finance experience to the table; a unique combination of talent and experience available to BFA partners .